Reclaiming Your Lost Power


We all have times in life when we feel emptied. Small, unsure, tired or at a loss. In shamanic circles it’s said that in moments of shock, part of our soul can flee the scene, taking with it a piece of our power. For a lot of us this whole year— with its relentless shockwaves— has felt like an exercise in power loss. But as we move to the other side of the American election and into the last turn of 2020, there is the sense that these soul pieces, and the power they hold, are ready to come back home.  Because when we reclaim our lost power, we not only reinfuse our personal lives with vitality, but relight the world with hope.

My family was recently dealing with some tough health issues. Feeling at a loss, one day I did a journey to ask how I could be of further assistance to those I love. What I encountered completely surprised me. Inside the journey I was shown that the best way to help the constellation of my family—and all those I care for— was to reclaim my own personal power.

In that moment, I saw how much of my power had been wrapped up in despair this past year. How much of my power I had given to buffering the sadness, approaching the uncertainty and managing the fear. There was no judgement here— simply an invitation to reclaim the power that had gotten sequestered in other places, so I could have the strength to call up a new dawn.



Real power isn’t about control, prestige or popularity —  it is life force itself. True power is vitality, energy, self-awareness, creativity and creation. True power, real power, doesn’t come from outside of us, it emanates from within. And no one can use your power but yourself.

Your power, your connection to that which animates you, was meant to bring you alive. It was designed to give you strength, direction, courage and light. When we try to give others our power (or, as too often happens in our world, take power from others) the very substance of that power becomes distorted, unusable and frail. Like the wands from Harry Potter, in our hands, our personal power can work magic. But in the hands of others, it can only shoot sideways sparks.

For empaths, our default is to give our power away. We feel the abundance of the life-force within us and use it to try to uplift others. It is an admirable quality. But in the process, we often end up draining our batteries. Among sensitive folks, the suffering of this past year has likely propelled many of us to give our energy away in an effort to share the burden, spread the blessings, and be a bastion of light in the dark. But now, as we enter the time of the year known for its twinkle lights and miraculous arrivals, the season known as the Darkest Depths in the Celtic calendar, it is time to reclaim our power once more.

If you’ve been feeling tired, drained, or washed-out by this year, check out my new video below: Finding your lost power. In the video I go over three simple practices for reclaiming your vitality and plugging into your inner power source once more.


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Sometimes we feel the call to reclaim our strength because we sense there are challenges up ahead. Other times, we are asked to rediscover our power so can greet the blessings of the future with open arms. I think this winter might hold a bit of both. The challenges of continuing to stay healthy and sane in the midst of a global pandemic. And the blessings of a new chapter dawning, both personally and globally.

Astrologically speaking, this weekend Mars (which has been in retrograde in its own sign of Aries for the past several months) will finally go direct. As the planet of goals, ambition and personal power, this step back into its normal arrow-clear momentum will be deeply felt. I cannot say what this newness might hold— but I feel its potential. Like the solstice sun returning, I sense the breaking of a big light over the horizon. Clarity and revelation are rushing in, and all we need to do to meet it is reclaim the power that is inherent to our souls.

If you’d like even more rooted support on this journey of re-empowerment, check out one of my newest courses: Herbs for Personal Power. As one student so perfectly summarized, “[This class is] a beautiful combination of gentle guidance, quiet strength and love – magical.”