How to Work with Land Spirits


I cradled the roses in my arms. Soft as skin, the flowers glowed as I carried them through the dark forest towards my altar, a flat triangle of stone set among the roots of a tree. Kneeling in the soft dirt, I laid the flowers down one at a time.

Each rose was a prayer. As I placed them, I thanked the spirits of the land for all the ways in which they hold me. I thanked the waters and the trees, the mycelium and the unseen beings.

I thanked the bees for their pollen baskets, the stones for their wisdom, and the faeries for the way they’ve welcomed my infant daughter into the family of this place. I finished by dripping fresh honey over the blossoms and then watched as the ant people slowly arrived to carry the sweetness back to their homes.

Working with land spirits is transformative. When we work with the spirits of the land, we open a gateway for powerful healing to flow in all directions. Engaging with land spirits is an ancestral skill, one that can create untold abundance on the land— and miraculous blessings in our own personal lives.

In my new video I show you how to start working with the land spirits to create power spots of deep magic on this Earth and initiate transformation.



The moment you start working with the land, you will begin to receive messages of healing and guidance. Understandings that will help you step into the truth of who you are— and the profound gifts you were meant to bring to this planet.
My new book Mirrors in the Earth is a direct translation of these messages. It is a collection of affirmations from the living world, stories that remind you just how profoundly you belong.
The response to this book has been amazing so far. People from all over the world have been writing me to share comments like this:
“I finally feel seen and understood in a way I haven’t been before. This book is my song being sung back to me.”
“I’m reading it now and have only gotten through the intro and already wept happy tears. Absolutely beautiful.”
“I started your book on Sunday. I’m only 30 pages in and I already know it will be life changing.”
I’m in awe of these comments. But I’m not surprised. Because these were exactly the types of experiences I had when I first began working with the Earth. I can’t tell you how many times I wept with the realization of my belonging, or laughed out loud with the sheer joy of feeling how deeply I was accepted here on this planet.
The healing that lives in Mirrors in the Earth is the healing of the Earth, and it has been such a joy to share her message:
You belong here.

You are accepted exactly as you are.

And your journey of learning self-compassion is the gift you were meant to bring to this Earth.

P.S. Have you started the book yet? I’m so curious what your experience has been like. If the book has touched you in any way it would mean the world if you left a rating or review on Amazon (I read every one 🤗)