How to Become Creatively Unstoppable


All of us have ideas, creations that want to be birthed through us. Visions of the future that make us shiver. Sometimes ideas come and go in a wine-happy evening. Others last a decade. But each and every one of us is like a garden, and as the seasons turn, ideas seem to come whether or not we even tend them. A color you’d like to paint your bedroom, a pink rose bush for the front yard.  A mural in the nursery. The creation of a business that is more in alignment with your soul.

A creative life is a fulfilled life. Pure and simple. And yet— I see so many people struggle with bringing their dreams into reality, feeling like their lives have yet to begin. We all ache to birth our creations, and not just to deliver them to the world, but to be balanced and nourished by the process. To make our deepest dreams a reality without completely draining our resources. And yet many of us are so frustrated by the whole process that we end up stranded on either extreme— creatively prolific but utterly exhausted, or creatively unfulfilled and full of longing.

Over the years of giving birth to my business, my blog, my line of apothecary products, my client practice, retreats, and online programs people always ask me— how in good earth did you do it?

And the answer is, I nourished my roots.



If you want to grow a tree that is not only abundant, but solidly anchored and able to withstand a storm, you need deep roots. If you want to receive support from the unseen forces of the earth, you need to get soil bound. Our roots are the place where we take up nourishment from the earth. They are how we communicate with the underground places of earth-held intuition. And how we know that what we are creating is in harmony with the wider dreaming of the land. If you want a creatively fulfilling life, a life where you feel like you are truly showing up for your destiny, you need to be in tune with your roots.

In our body those roots lie in our pelvis. They are our generative organs and the portals between our legs. They are our pussies. In Chinese medicine this root is considered to be a part of the literal bridge between heaven and earth, a link between our destiny and its manifestation. In our body, our roots are the very part of us that we’ve been told not to touch, talk about or tend. Is it any wonder that so many of us struggle with bringing our dreams into reality? A flower cut from its roots, no matter how magnificent, will eventually fade without any future seeds.

The reason why I have been able to be so creatively prolific is in large part due to the deep relationship I have with my root. But it wasn’t something that came naturally. It was something I had to cultivate.



I was always a dreamy kid, one who wasn’t very focused on the world around me and sometimes not too keen to be here at all. All of this changed when I started developing vaginal health issues. Suddenly, I didn’t have a choice. If I wanted to heal I had to come back here. I had to think about my root, ask it what it wanted. I had to check in, daily, hourly… how are you doing? What can I get you? What are you trying to communicate? Through chronic yeast, pain and BV my root spoke and what it said was simply— come back into relationship.

So, I did. Inch by inch, I came back into my body and my own generative power.
And, to my amazement, I found that I could now communicate with the world around me. Just like the roots of a tree tap into the mycelial network of a forest, the roots of our own being are how we are able to truly be in dialogue with the world. Through my own work of reconnecting to my root, I was able to hear the earth speaking, and I began to understand my place in it all. Now, when I had visions, instead of having them whisk me off-planet, I brought them into reality. I tended the creative portal that lived inside my body and used it to bring my earth-sanctioned ideas into being. I was able to listen to the dream of the earth and respond accordingly.

I truly believe that the areas of our body in which we manifest the most issues aren’t our “weak spots”, they are our power spots just begging to be rediscovered. If you are experiencing imbalances in your pelvis, your pussy, your root, it’s not because you are deficient. It is because there is so much potential here that your body, and the soul of the earth, will not allow you to move through life without noticing. It is a clarion call— come back into relationship, claim your creativity, realize your power.



Now, when people ask me how I do it all I sometimes just shrug and say, “It’s probably my vagina. She’s the one running the show.” And as humorous and unexpected as this is, it’s also the truth. This place in our body holds so much more power, energy and potential than we were ever shown or told.

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