Finding Your Unique Destiny


It’s in our DNA to wish to know our destiny. Just as we gaze up at the stars and wonder where they lead. Or stand on the edge of the ocean and wish we could swim  down into the deep. We all want to know why we are here and what awaits us on the journey. The problem is that we assume destiny is a solid thing. A structure pre-built like the Taj mahal. When the truth is that our destiny is more like the dream of an oak nestled inside an acorn. Within each of us lays a map of possibilities, a blueprint for growth that leaves ample space for the unexpected. Like a seed set out into a world of changing weather, any number of things could potentially unfurl on this curious path called destiny.

I still remember the year I decided to change my entire life and move to the Southern Appalachian mountains. I had left everything behind up north— partner, job, community— to make my home in this new place and commit myself to herbalism. I was terrified, exhilarated, and a bit mystified at my own self. Most days I had the sense that I was either standing on the edge of a golden threshold, or a very steep cliff, and I wasn’t entirely sure which was which. Underneath the trepidation, however, was the feeling that my coming here was destiny and so by landing in these mountains untold magic would begin to unveil itself to me— and I was right. But not for the reasons that I thought.

It turns out my destiny wasn’t some perfect future of enchantment and well-earned ease, it was all of the learning, the unaccountable lessons big and small, that this place had to share with me. It was the opportunities for self-awareness these mountains were waiting to hand me. It wasn’t always easy, but it was utterly transforming. In truth, destiny isn’t so much concerned with particulars— like which clothes you’re wearing, how much money you make, who exactly you kiss or what house you live in. Destiny, like the DNA codes inside the acorn, is preoccupied with only one thing— growth.



In accounts of their near death experiences many people report that they were asked two questions upon crossing over to the other side: Did you learn? And did you love?

Our destiny is what pushes us to find the people and places that will help us to learn, and teach us to love, so that we can grow the gifts we were meant to give to this world. Your blueprint, that seed-code within, will guide you towards the opportunities that will help you realize these gifts, nurturing them into fruition through this journey of self-revelation.

Once we realize that our destiny isn’t a destination, but a journey of unfurling, we can always recognize it by simply asking ourselves: Does learning live here? Does growth live here? Is this a place to learn about love?

If the answer is yes, then you can be sure you have touched your destiny.

Though we can never know exactly what our futures look like, we can become aware of our destinies by turning our gaze to that place where our blueprint is stored, our innermost self. There are many gateways that can help us to tap into this seed wisdom, but in traditional Chinese medicine there is one group of beings that are experts at helping us communicate with our innermost self— the stones.

In my new video, Stones for Finding your Unique Destiny we explore how stones can help us tap into the deepest levels of our consciousness to access the codes of what is possible. I also talk about the place in our body where Chinese medicine believes this blueprint for our life is stored and how, through interacting with stones, we can become conscious weavers of our own destiny.


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I never fail to be amazed by how powerful working with the mineral realm can be. It’s not a stretch to say that I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the stones and their ability to help me uncover my blueprint and follow my destiny. But such realizations didn’t come right away, I needed to learn how to talk to the stones before I could hear what they had to teach me.