Bring your Twinkle Back


The world is opening up. Like a soft pink sky glimpsed after a storm, we are beginning to enter the time called “after”—  and yet a lot of days it’s hard to know just how to be in this new-old world. Lately I’ve had more dinners, parties, and adventures than I’ve had in the whole last year put together. It’s wonderful— to be able to eat chocolate mousse inside my favorite restaurant and spend a week at the beach with a houseful of friends— but it’s also strange. Many of the things I’ve missed are possible again, and yet it’s not quite the same… because I’m not the same.

The things I yearned for have returned— but something is still missing. And in my clearest moments I know exactly what it is: the twinkle has yet to come back.

You innately know what I mean when I say “twinkle”— the word describes itself. Twinkle is the way light plays on sunlit waters. It’s life’s possibilities, and the way we can delight in them. It is our ability to both love this existence, and not take it too seriously. To believe wholeheartedly in the magic and remember that the universe has a profound sense of humor. When we have a twinkle, we always know how to laugh at the joke because we trust the benevolence behind every cloud.

We’re all born with a twinkle, you can see it in every baby’s eyes. But life’s hardships have a way of dimming that light. There’s nothing wrong with losing your twinkle every once in a while… it’s a natural part of being alive. The task is to learn how to cultivate our twinkle again after each storm has passed. To figure out exactly what we need to feel that safe joy again and give ourselves those things that will help the light come back into our eyes.

If you’re ready to bring your twinkle back, check out my new lighthearted video, where I talk about exactly what this twinkle is (from a Chinese medicine perspective, the twinkle is not only a diagnostic tool but a direct indicator of spiritual health), plus some easy steps to invite that glimmer back into your life.


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Because the beautiful part about the twinkle is that, just like the sun rising over the eastern sea each morning, it always comes back. That’s the thing about life. The benevolence and magic, possibility and joy are always trying to find their way home to you— even when you feel you’ve lost the ability to find them on your own. The Earth never stops loving you, your guides never stop sending you signs, your wider self never stops holding you in its wide light.

And that’s the secret, I think, behind every true twinkle in someone’s eyes.

The deepest twinkle doesn’t come from never having experienced hardship or loss, it lives most strongly in the eyes of those who have seen all the light go out of life… and then held on long enough to welcome it back.

The twinkle is a sign, not of inexperience, but of the wisdom of believing in innocence again, the journey of regaining one’s trust in the goodness of life.

To have a twinkle is to be in on the ultimate secret— that life itself is a process of losing, and regaining, one’s light (and that it’s possible to be amused by this wild ride!).

The twinkle is the wink that says… this is life. And you, dear one, will not only live through this but will glow on the other side.