Revealing Your Life’s Blueprint with Plants

Once, if you’d asked me what my greatest fear was, I would have said this
I’m afraid I won’t live up to my soul’s potential in this lifetime.
Not spiders, not earthquakes, not even death. My greatest fear was that I would never fully tap into the blueprint of what my widest self knew was possible for me in this life.
We all come to this planet with a blueprint that is utterly unique to us. A set of plans for our own unfurling that includes all the possibilities for the blossoming of our gifts. Gifts that are not only expressions of our own soul’s genius, but that were specifically designed to help the Earth during this time of great change.
I used to worry about living my whole life without accessing those gifts. Then I started working with the plants, and it was as if my destiny was no longer something I was trying to achieve…but something that was naturally, effortlessly, unfurling through me. Like flowers opening one-by-one along the long, elegant branch of a tree.
Now I don’t worry about living my life’s blueprint, because the living world always shows me the next step to take.
Want to get a glimpse of your own life blueprint? The reasons why you’re here and the unique gifts you’re meant to bring? Check out my new video. 
In it, I explain why plants are so good at helping us to see our own potential. I’ll also guide you through an exercise to see the blueprint of what’s possible in your life.

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Because you have so much to give this world, dear one.

It’s not a fantasy. And it’s not far-off. 

Your destiny, the reason why you came here to this planet, is right here. It’s already unfurling. The Earth just wants to help you realize it.

Who you are, your own natural unfolding, is the gift you were meant to bring to this world. 

And every time you give yourself permission to touch into your own innermost self, and the path that’s calling you, you bring medicine to the Earth’s own process of healing.

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P.S. Okay. I just got done doing this exercise from the video again and I can’t tell you how much more energized and aligned I feel for having tuned in today…wow. If you have a friend who needs this kind of clarity right now, send it their way!