Is This An Awakening?


I was curled up into myself like a leaf. My whole body hurt, and my brain felt like a helicopter that couldn’t land. It was the very beginning of spring and I felt hopeless. I had been diagnosed with Lyme disease the previous fall and had spent the whole winter trying, unsuccessfully, to heal. Having dealt with chronic pain earlier in my life, I knew when all else failed to just go outside and let the Earth hold me. So that morning I went out in my bathrobe to visit the trees. I laid down and spoke all my worries into the soil. I told the Earth about how lost, disconnected, heavy, and off-track I felt. I wasn’t expecting an answer, but when my words ran dry, a reply was there, raining down gently from the trees and soaking up slowly through the moss below. From within the Earth a voice said— “This is an awakening.”

I used to think awakenings were always magnificently beautiful, moments when the sun parted from the clouds and you could zoom above everything like a phoenix— untouchable, golden, blessed with the long view. Now I know that, just like spring, awakenings can look like many things— beautiful, light-filled, gentle, and also unexpected, tumultuous and challenging.

In shamanic circles we call these moments of turbulent awakenings dismemberments. Sometimes our lives need to break into pieces, so they can be put back together again and become more whole. Little did I know that, after this breakdown in the moss, I would experience a truly miraculous healing.



That spring I decided to take a new route to healing. I put myself in quarantine. For a whole month I would stay at home, decline all non-essential social engagements, take off as much work as possible, and use this time to practice my tools of intuition. I made flower essences and meditated with the Earth. I drew floral baths and built altars outside. Every day I undertook a shamanic journey to receive insight and every night I asked for dreams to light my way. I’m not sure what I expected at the end of this month, but it wasn’t anywhere close to the miracle I actually experienced. After my self-imposed quarantine the same symptoms I had been battling for the past six months with antibiotics just evaporated. Before this, every time my doctor asked me to rate how good I felt, I’d say 25%. After this time of going inward, I felt 85% better. We both couldn’t believe it.

I still had more healing ahead of me (and another case of Lyme to come in the future— another story for another time!) but the relief I experienced seemed like absolute magic. Now, I know that it isn’t magic, it’s just what happens when we tap into our intuition. When we seize these moments of awakening and allow our spirits to take the journey they are asking for— aided by the tools the Earth so generously offers— miracles can happen.

Are you moving through an awakening right now? Something tells me you might be. The funny thing about awakenings is that we often don’t recognize them while they’re happening. If you aren’t sure, check out my new video and tell me if all the hallmarks of an awakening don’t line up with what you’re experiencing.


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In many mythic traditions, awakenings begin with a descent. We go deep— into our feelings, worries, memories, and inner selves. We move through the layers of hardship and we are refined. We are asked to go into the Earth so we can reconnect. Hard times like these are meant to hone our intuition, burnishing it like a light to help us walk the path ahead. No matter how dark things get, there is a way forward. Our intuition wants us to know that, and the Earth is here to support us.

Some people say the coronavirus is a sign that the Earth is weary of humanity. But I disagree. The Earth wants us to stay here, to rejoin the creation. That is why this is happening— we needed a wake-up call. Each of us carries within us a piece that can help change the tide. And this experience right now is here to help us find it. If we let it, this time has the possibility to show us our medicine, our path, the purpose behind our presence here on Earth. And nature is here to help us open our eyes.

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