Absolutely, and here’s why: this course guides you in opening your own innate dialogue with the world around you. So while the videos will help you to explore new concepts and practices, the real work will begin when you step outside and start interacting with the plants. Everything in this course revolves around your direct experiences with intuition, herbs, and the living world.

Just like the web of mycelium that connects the trees in our forests, this internet web is a powerfully magical weave! Here you can be connected to fellow intuitives and medicine seekers across the world. The bigger and more diverse the community, the more magic can come through— it’s just the truth. So meeting virtually allows for some awesome diversity, and thus some pretty incredible group enchantment.

Check out what our students have to say about the course here.

Yes, even though a new gateway will open once a week for eight weeks, you are more than welcome to take the course at your own pace. In the past, some students have decided to spend two weeks on each gateway instead of one. No matter how you decide to move through the material, we guarantee that there will be other students taking it at the same pace as you. Our warm community is here to support you throughout the process.

Yes! Really! And not only will you have access to the course forever, you will also have a direct pass to any rich updates in the future.

We want you to feel deeply supported on every step of your journey. To help, we have a whole bank of pre-recorded Q&A questions with Asia, weekly messages, as well as year-round comment moderation in the course and Facebook group. Our two communication angels, Andrés and Shannon, are both Intuitive Plant Medicine alums and deeply compassionate individuals who are here to help you navigate your journey.

Honestly, no. This course is a fabulous supplement to a traditional herbal education, but its focus is on the realms of spirituality, interconnection and enriching personal intuition. If you are interested in a more traditional herbal route I highly recommend the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine’s Herbal Immersion and Medicine Making programs. I am a teacher for both and I can honestly say that they are fabulous.

Absolutely. As someone who went through traditional training in western herbalism I found that this kind of learning (honing our direct knowing, intuition and ability to communicate) was few and far between! If you are ready to take your practice to the next level, and learn how to really trust your connection with the plants, this is the perfect program for you.

Heck yeah! You don’t need to know anything at all about plants to take part in this course. When I first started on my path of intuitive plant medicine the only plant name I knew was dandelion (seriously). Starting with totally fresh eyes is a really powerful way to begin, and you will learn so very much through this journey.

Definitely. I first caught the herbalism bug when I was living in New York City. I fell in love with plants working in mid-town Manhattan (plants exist there! I promise). And you totally will too. You can be in conversation with plants anywhere, and anywhere you go the plants are wanting to come into connection.

We also have a great bonus contribution from former NYC-dweller Isimot Adewuyi that is specifically geared to help all the lovely urbanites to connect.

You will receive a printable certificate of completion at the end of this course that denotes your participation in the program. This certificate says that you studied with me and learned about intuitive plant medicine, and is a wonderful way to affirm all the ways in which you have grown. That said, as of right now there is no certification process for herbalism, or intuitive plant medicine, in our country. But certificates certainly do look nice on a shelf next to some crystals!

Nope, all the exploratories are for you to engage in on your own. You will, however, mark down your progress as you move through the course so we can send you a certificate upon completion.

We have a great message board on each page of the course, as well as a private Facebook group for all your photos, stories and dispatches from the journey.


Yes! Every year we are proud to offer scholarships to those in need.

We at One Willow believe deeply that the knowledge this course highlights belongs to everyone. It is our birthright to remember how to connect to plants and co-create magic from that relationship within our wider lives. We have seen time and time again that learning the skills to help bring this inner-wisdom to the forefront can help amplify so much healing in the community at large. In that light, this year we are so excited to be opening a new scholarship program!

We are reserving a few dozen spaces in the course for need-based scholarships and would love to have you apply. We are particularly jazzed about helping to make this course more accessible to underserved communities and promoting diversity in the herbal world (as well as within this program in particular). As we all know, without diversity, true learning withers.

All who are feeling a heartfelt call to be a part of this course, but cannot afford it at this time, are welcome to apply. We are also reserving a portion of our scholarships specifically for BIPOC and LGBTQI2-S folks, as well as people whose work revolves around social justice and serving historically marginalized populations.

The bottom line is this— if you are feeling that deep heart-nudge to join this experience, we would love to help make it happen if we can.

Scholarships are limited and we expect to get a lot of really amazing applicants. So please make sure to get your application in by the due date. And also remember to take heart. Trust that everything is unfolding exactly as it should, and know how cherished your interest truly is. Thank you for being here with us.

2023 Applications are due by May 24th at 6pm EST

Learn more + Apply here!

Not at this time! We are ever-evolving though so please stay tuned.

Me and the One Willow team put a whole lotta heart, time, energy, and love into this course. We are so excited for all the ways in which it will enrich you and your path and we highly encourage you to share what you’ve taken into your own heart with others! (Teaching is the best way to retain information).

That said, I ask that you do not share your login information with anyone else. I try to make as much content as possible free on my blog and youtube channel so please send any friends who are interested over to both of those awesome resources. Tuition from courses like Intuitive Plant Medicine, and the folks like you who support their creation, are what enables me to make so much free content. So I thank you for your support, as well as your respect, with keeping the particular content of this course to yourself! I trust you and honor this bond we will be forming together.

That depends on you! This is not a training in how to hold a practitioner role (as there is much more that goes into being a good practitioner than just knowledge of plants, medicine making, or meditation). That said, anyone who feels called to open their own practice should absolutely heed that call! This course is a profound training in developing your own plant medicine practice and focuses mostly on your solo journey. That said, there are some great foundations and take aways here to incorporate into an existing practice or to inspire the dream of a new practice. I trust that you will know what is right for you! I believe in you and your medicine deeply.

Intuitive Plant Medicine is a truly unique combination of practices— shamanic journeying, dreamwork, channeling, flower essences, on-the-body treatments, land healing. There is a full spectrum of disciplines here, with loads of information in each gateway. Truly, this could have been eight different courses! But I wanted to make all the information that was so invaluable to me as accessible as possible.

Also, there’s all this goodness: down-to-earth realness, true life stories, super luscious PDFs, professional quality videos, and good strong shots of humor when needed (there is a Backstreet boys music video spoof at some point in the content. Just sayin’).

Lastly, to be frank, our students freaking love the program. In fact, over 99% said they would recommend it to a friend. Wanna hear what they have to say? Check out just a few of our glowing testimonials here.

Yes! We offer a full refund anytime in the first two weeks after you sign up for the course.

Just send us an email and we’ll be happy to refund your tuition. Please note, however, that no refunds will be issued after the first 14 days.

You can sign up for the payment plan when you register for the course. With the payment plan your credit card will be charged for $98 a month for five months. Your card will be charged for the first payment of $98 when you register. The additional payments will be automatically deducted each following month.

Yep! In every gateway you have the ability to download the videos, meditations and PDFs to take with you anywhere.

We recommend allotting around 2-3 hours every week for the core content of the program. This time includes watching the videos, listening to the meditations, and completing your exploratory activities for the week.

(Please note: this does not include time reviewing any of the bonus materials. Those are completely optional and for you to drop into whenever the time is right)

Yes. All of our videos are closed captioned in English and transcripts are provided with every audio.